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How to Use Social Media to Save Money Every Month

Social networking can be a very productive activity when used properly. While majority people use social media to stay connected with their friends and family, there are some people who use it very intelligently to save money every month. Surprised?

It’s absolutely true. You can save a good sum of money every month by using social networks. Read on to know how. 

1. Avail the deals from your favorite brands

Even though many people follow business and brands on social media, the brainy ones always keep their eyes on the deals offered frequently by businesses and brands. Companies have gone social and they are available on almost any social network. The good news is that they reward their loyal customers through deals, coupons, special discounts, and freebies. Most businesses reward their followers and customers on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.  You can save a good sum of money by checking on your favorite brands’ social media profiles every day.

2. Use Twitter to lower your bill   

Many big businesses are already on Twitter, providing customer support and monitoring what people say about their products and services. Clever users use Twitter to lower their monthly bills on different products and services. However, you need to be a Hashtag pro to avail this opportunity.

For example, by starting a discussion with your friends about #CheaperElectricity in the US, you can have @DTE_Energy and other energy services join in the conversation and offer you a great deal. Also, you can send direct Tweets to the businesses or simply join someone else’s conversation to get a good offer. The good news is that most of the companies’ Twitter representatives can personally offer you a lower bill in order to make you a client. 

3. Follow daily deal website on social media

If you want to avail attractive deals on a daily basis from major companies and retail chains, there are daily deal websites where you get them all. These websites also maintain very active social media presence. When you follow the daily deal websites on social media, you can avail the deals the moment they are announced, every day. You can even manage to avail additional coupons on the basis of your social networking. The Loveonedaysales.Com is a great place to access all the daily deal websites in the US, categorized by product types.

4. Avail amazing deals on your beloved brands

Social media networks track your Internet usage and purchase behavior by placing cookies in your browser to examine the brands you like the most. Based on the information, they serve you customized adverts about discount offers, deals, and coupons form your favorite brands. You can avail this opportunity to save money every month.

5. Save money by using DIY ideas and projects

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on certain products, you can use social media to find thrifty DIY ideas and projects that can serve your need. YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook are full of DIY ideas and projects about a broad range of subjects, such as crafts and home decoration, home improvement and renovation, life hacks, interior design, and products preparation. For example, using social media, you can easily find DIY ideas to make your own sanitizer or remodel your kitchen cabinets.

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