Vasectomy and tubal ligation were favored methods
October 13, 2015
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October 13, 2015

Cocu is recognised as a top coach

How will he find it? How will his style of play fit in the division?Good coaches adapt. Cocu is recognised as a top coach.According to those who watched his PSV teams, he is a coach that likes to have control of the game through possession and from that base play attacking football. Two of his PSV teams were different in terms of approach one was very wing back focused and the other was more midfield driven, we are told.Phillip Cocu appointed new Derby County managerConfirmed: Cocu named as new boss Live: how it unfolded Cocu: wait Morris: why he chose Cocu Lowdown: what Rams fans can expect Backroom: who in and who could be added? Fans: all the reactionCocu will have done his homework on Derby, and on the Championship.He also has staff he knows already in place with him at Derby and that should help him to hit the ground running.

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