There’s certainly no shortage of lust worthy competitors
July 18, 2015
Their summer Big Rock Cookout at Village Marina is always a
July 19, 2015

District Judge Leonie Brinkema issued a temporary restraining

“We have fun doing that stuff that’s interesting. We continue to play it and make music if we get it played, fine. If not, it doesn’t matter. Last year, the City of Fernie was generously gifted the boards and rink package from The Calgary FlamesFoundation. In addition, numerous community organizations and volunteers contributed to the operation andsuccess of the Outdoor Community Rink. The Leisure Services Advisory Board committed significant efforts torecruit volunteers to assist with the rink and are currently working with City staff to prepare for a successfulstart up to the season.”The City of Fernie appreciates the commitment and assistance of the many contributors and donors to theOutdoor Community Rink.

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