January 19, 2016
March 1, 2016


Even during the most difficult financial times, you can still feel the need for a break, for a holiday away that will allow you to consider things and regroup. But, of course, there is always the question of the budget for this kind of trips. At the same time, changing the scenery can make the world of good to your body and soul. We decided it was our mission to help you plan a holiday on a tight budget that will still allow you to enjoy your time off.

Here are a few tips on how to plan a holiday and save big:

Make a plan

We are publishing this now because we think you might want to go on a holiday during summer or early fall. Well, this would be the perfect timing to start researching! When you start early, and you are doing everything through a travel agency, you might get an early booking discount, as well as other perks if you know how to negotiate well. If you are going on your own, you can start checking with airline companies if they have offers, to what destination and during what months. This way you can decide on a destination after you have already found out the price for the plane tickets (and you can do the same for accommodation).

Once you have an idea about the destination and costs, you should write them all down and start making a list. You can pay for the plane tickets this month, for the accommodation in two months’ time and so on. This way you won’t feel the pressure of spending a lot of money at once.

Having a plan will also help you avoid unnecessary expenses that are terrible to deal with, especially when you are on a tight budget already.

Enjoy the flexibility

Just because you wanted to go to Hawaii since forever, doesn’t mean you have to do it now, when the budget just couldn’t allow it. But it also doesn’t mean that you need to give up on any hope for a holiday. You can choose a more affordable destination this time and just enjoy the flexibility!

Live like a local

Yes, we are still talking about holidays on a budget and living like a local while on your holiday can save tons of money. For example, forget about the crowded tourists’ areas where the restaurants are all overpriced, and you can hardly get a table. Instead, go to the neighborhoods where locals live and have your meal at a restaurant where they would go. You just can’t go wrong when doing this; the food is most of the times much better and the prices unbeatable. And this way you can get a taste of a local feel, for free!

More tips and tricks for when traveling on a budget:

– Always pick the low or shoulder season for your holiday, the high season is just not worth the money.

– Don’t go on a holiday alone, traveling with a group of friends or family members will reduce the costs of accommodation.

– Don’t exchange money in airports when traveling outside the country. The currency exchange rate is probably terrible there.