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November 23, 2014
Tail CombStep 1:Practice Opening and Closing the Clips before
November 23, 2014

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Cousins hadn’t thrown for more than 250 yards all season; he eclipsed that total in the first half of the game, on the way to his first day with 300 yards or more since last November’s win over the Packers. The Vikings capped a 98 yard drive when Cousins found Thielen on a fade route for his first red zone touchdown pass of the year, before the wide receiver shimmied and struck a pose in a choreographed celebration with Diggs, Dalvin Cook and Bisi Johnson. Cousins hit the receiver on crossing routes off rollouts that gave Thielen room to run after the catch, and later found Thielen for a leaping touchdown in the back of the end zone..

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You either need to get far, far away or someone’s gotta die. Fights vary depending on your opponents, and just when you get to a good place with timing those counters, you’ll encounter tougher foes that seem to counter your counters at every turn. It’s then that you can make clever use of some of your other weapons and gadgets to give yourself an advantage..