January 13, 2017
March 15, 2017


We live in difficult times, and the budget of many families has reduced dramatic. It comes a time when we are all required to reorganize and rethink the lifestyle, as well as the normal expenses to be able to overcome a difficult time in a decent and dignified manner.

When we are in a difficult spot regarding money, the easiest method to save is to reduce the expenses. But for some people, this can be a daunting task as they struggle to make a difference in between needs and desires.

Here are five things you need to know to help you save when you are having money issues:

1. Spend less on food and products for the house

You have a favorite store where you go to get the food, but is it the cheapest place where you can get your daily groceries? Do you have a shopping list with you when you get to the store, or you just pick up whatever you think you might like? The shopping list can help you have your fridge and pantry full, while also saving some money you would otherwise spend on products you don’t really need. Another golden rule is never to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach.

2. Spend less on shoes and clothes

Have a look in your closet and write down what are the bare necessities that you and the family need for the following three months. Make sure to take advantage of the sale periods when shopping for clothes and shoes. Check the prices for the products you are interested in online, maybe you can make a better deal than in an offline shop. If the clothes or shoes do not fit, you can always return them. Make classic choices when it comes to clothing, a classic outfit is always elegant and a good choice, whatever the occasion.

3. Spend less on gas

Do you have a friend living nearby that works close to your office place? Talk to him about sharing the ride to the office so you can both save some money. Avoid making separate trips for different things you need from the shops, write them down and only drive to the supermarket when you have a considerable amount of things to buy.

4. Spend less on entertainment

Do you have an expensive TV subscription? Now might be the time to cancel it if you would like to save some money during the following months. Going out to concerts, restaurants or sports events should also be rescheduled for when you feel more comfortable about the money situation. But this doesn’t mean you have to stop seeing your friends or family. Instead of meeting them in a restaurant, just ask them to come to your place or meet them in a park for a picnic.

5. Spend less on holidays

We all need time to relax and disconnect from work at least once a year. Having money issues doesn’t mean that you need to give up on your yearly holiday, it just means you need to rethink the concept. How about visiting friends or family members instead of checking into a hotel? Or how about switching houses for a few weeks?

You can use these ideas to save money when things are tight with money. More than this, you can also start an emergency fund if you apply these methods for at least a couple of months. This way you will be covered if difficult times will show their ugly heads again.