Start with a Free Evaluation
At UBLC, we provide a free evaluation to better understand your situation and to provide you the best possible advice to help you moving forward. For many people bankruptcy is a foreign term and entering into this process alone can be a scary and a costly endeavor if handled incorrectly. We take the fear out of filing by keeping you informed from the start and being your advocate throughout the entire process. Whether bankruptcy is the right option for you, you will be able to walk out of your evaluation with less stress and will hopefully have a more positive outlook on your financial future.

Walk You Through Your Case
While you aren’t required to file bankruptcy with an attorney, not knowing specific details about exemptions and deadlines required by the Bankruptcy Code or even how to properly list items on your paperwork could result in the dismissal of your case. This could be a costly mistake, as you would be out the Court filing fee and would again have to pay said filing fee to re-file your case. The staff at UBLC consists of trained and specialized case managers and a licensed attorney who will walk you through the filing process step by step to ensure your case is filed correctly and that your case will run smoothly until the end.

Repayment Plan Preparation
If you are filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy without attorney representation, you will be responsible for creating a repayment plan to accommodate your creditors. It is up to the Court whether or not your payment plan is acceptable and whether it is in the best interest of your creditors. These documents can be tedious and confusing for someone who has never made one before. UBLC will take care of this step for you, easing your responsibilities during this stressful situation.